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Customer Care

Please contact us for any queries regarding your vacation activation or vacation booking.

Concerning Travel with your RedeemVacations voucher. All Hotel Stay incentives activated since Jan of this year will now be given 18 months to select travel dates.

We are experiencing a high volume of customer support tickets and apologize for any delays, Reservations made before May 2020 have been asking to cancel your reservation due to COVID 19 Concerns, our policy has been and continues to be that once dates are confirmed there are no changes allowed. This policy is in place because once booked and confirmed for these complimentary rooms we must immediately prepay the participating hotel the taxes and fees on your behalf. However, due to the worldwide impact of the Coronavirus, we have been requesting refunds on your behalf. If the Hotel agrees to refund the prepaid fees we will gladly extend new travel privileges to you for an additional 18 months to rebook travel. Please let us know immediately below if you are not intending to travel on your previously selected travel dates. For reservations made after June 1st, 2020, we are reverting to our original policy which is no changes will be allowed.